Frosted polycarbonate sheets adding mysterious atmosphere

Do you want a romantic and comfortable home? If the answer is yes, you could ask for help from frosted polycarbonate sheet.

Frosted polycarbonate sheet, another edition of solid polycarbonate sheet, is covered by fine particles. While light transmitting frosted surface, scattering and diffuse reflection happens and make the light soft and uniformly distribute. Hence, frosted polycarbonate sheets are extensively used in lighting filed as a main contributor of creating a hazy, elegant and romantic atmosphere.

Frosted polycarbonate sheet is an alternative for a modern property such as screen, sanitary facilities, skylight and photo frame. In contrast to frosted glass, it is quite light and unbreakable. If you have a little child, broken glass will hurt him or her. However, polycarbonate sheet is about 250 times stronger than glass, and won't be broken even by an adult.

Product description:

  • Thickness: 2.0 mm to 6.0 mm.
  • Standard width: 1220, 1560, 1820, 2100 mm.
  • Standard length: 6100 mm.
  • Colors: clear, opal, yellow, red, green, blue or as required.
Frosted polycarbonate sheets comes in red, opal and yellow

Frosted polycarbonate sheets provide a number of colors.

Clear frosted polycarbonate sheet blurs the green leaves behind it

See through frosted polycarbonate sheet, the green leaf become obscure.

Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet
Product No. Thickness weight Min Bending Radius Width Length Colors
(mm) (kg/m2) (mm) (mm) (mm)
FPS01 2.0 2.4 360 1220
6100 clear
FPS02 2.4 2.88 430
FPS03 3.0 3.60 540
FPS04 3.8 4.56 680
FPS05 4.0 4.80 720
FPS06 5.0 6.00 900
FPS07 6.0 7.20 1080

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