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A blue and a white twin-wall polycarbonate sheets on the gray background.
Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet optimizes light transmission and reduces installation cost for its self-supporting structure and is available in 4, 6, 8, 10 mm.Learn More
Clear multiwall polycarbonate sheets in X structure.
Multiwall polycarbonate sheets with multiple walls enhance performances of thermal insulation and impact strength, and are available in various profiles.Learn More
4 mm solid polycarbonate sheets.
Solid polycarbonate sheet has high clarity and light transmission, and especially used in places where extremely high impact strength and clarity are required.Learn More
Corrugated triple-wall polycarbonate sheets have high light transmission and high stiffness
Corrugated polycarbonate sheets with their wave surface control light through reflection of the wall, and allow for more light in the morning and evening.Learn More
Embossed polycarbonate sheets in clear, bronze, orange and green.
Embossed polycarbonate sheet is a solid polycarbonate sheet with unique particle surface in water-drop shape, which makes it a popular decorative element.Learn More
Clear frosted polycarbonate sheet blurs the green leaves behind it.
Frosted polycarbonate sheet is covered by fine particles which change the light direction and make the light soft and uniform. It is often used as ornaments.Learn More
Products list


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