Solid polycarbonate sheet ensuring a safe and attractive space

Solid polycarbonate sheet is superior to hollow polycarbonate sheet in light transmission and impact strength. Hence, it is especially suitable for the applications where light is urgently needed, such as lamp boxes, hood lighting, industrial shops and greenhouse.

Solid polycarbonate sheets comes blue, clear and green 4mm solid polycarbonate sheets
Solid polycarbonate sheets in three different thicknesses Solid polycarbonate sheet is similar to glass in clarity


  • Exceptional light transmission
    Extreme clarity ensures excellent light transmission. Solid polycarbonate sheet with light transmission up to 89% can compare favorably with glass. UV protection film aids in resistances against yellowing and loss of light transmission.
  • High impact strength
    Solid structure gives higher impact strength then other plastic sheets or hollow polycarbonate sheets. Its impact strength is about as 200 times much as common glass, and about 10 timer stronger than toughened glass.
  • Lightweight
    The weight of solid polycarbonate sheet is only one half of glass of the same volume. Light weight saves freight and installation costs.
  • Thermal insulation
    Polycarbonate sheets have lower thermal conductivity (K-valve), hence reduce the loss of thermal. It is used in buildings to provide a cool summer and warm winter without extra air-conditioning fee.
  • Flame resistance
    Polycarbonate sheet is rated B1 of fire resistance. Its own ignition point is 580°C, and extinguish out of the fire area. When burning, harmful gases neither produce harmful gases nor fuel the fire.
Solid polycarbonate sheet
Thickness Weight Glass K-value Glass Width length Color
(mm) (kg/m2) (kg/m2) (w/m2k) (w/m2k) (mm) (mm)
1 1.2       1220 2000 2050 1250 2440 2500 3000 3050 clear blue green opal grey
2 2.4 5.0 5.56  
3 3.6 7.5 5.41 5.87
4 4.8 10.0 5.27 5.82
5 6.0 12.5 5.13 5.8
6 7.2 15.0 5 5.77
8 9.6 20.0 4.76 5.71
10 12.0 25.0 4.55  
12 14.4 30.0 4.35  
Properties Units Value
density g/cm3 1.2
light transmission (3mm thick, clear) % 88
refractive Index   1.585
Tensile Strength at yield N/mm2 >60
Tensile Strength at break N/mm2 >70
modulus of elasticity N/mm2 2300
impact strength @ 23°C (notched Charpy) kj/m2 >30
liner expansion coefficient 1/K 68×10-6
thermal conductivity W/mK 0.21
Heat deflection Temperature Load 1.81 N/mm2 °C 135
Maximum continuous service °C 100

Solid polycarbonate sheet used in crash helmet for its superior clarity
Solid polycarbonate sheet are widely used in crash helmets for its outstandingtwin performances of clarity and impact strength.

Solid polycarbonate sheets with dual-UV protective coating creates a comfortable area
Solid polycarbonate sheets at the top of building are built into an entertainment venue where people can drink coffee or play chess.

Curved solid polycarbonate sheets in a sports ground
Solid polycarbonate sheets and glass match each other in light transmission. However, polycarbonate sheet can block UV rays out, glass fails.

Blue solid polycarbonate sheet as a sound-proofing barrier of an express way
Solid polycarbonate sheets installed along the expressway not only reduce noise pollution but also ornaments the view.

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