Innovative twin-wall polycarbonate sheet with premier UV protection

Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet, a standard version of multiwall polycarbonate sheet, is self-supporting without requiring as many grazing bars as floating glass, for the weight of polycarbonate sheet accounts for only a quarter of glass. Light weight and hollow structure together contributes to cost saving and high light transmission.

4mm twin wall polycarbonate sheet in blue 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate sheet in grey and clear
Blue twin-wall polycarbonate sheet Clear and grey twin-wall polycarbonate sheet


  • High light transmission
    Light transmission of 4mm clear twin-wall polycarbonate reaches 89%. Twin wall polycarbonate sheets are often used in greenhouse not only for sufficient sunlight, but also blocking out harmful UV radiation.
  • High impact strength
    Impact strength of polycarbonate sheet is 250 times as much as the size of tempered glass. This superiority makes it an optimum material for protecting greenhouse from hail and stones. 
  • Saving energy
    Twin-wall construction optimizes thermal insulation. In hot summer or cold winter, the ambient temperature below polycarbonate sheets will not intensively change and keep a relative stable state.
  • UV protection
    Coextruded UV layer can absorb 98% UV rays, reducing UV damage to people, plants, organics and polymers. The UV protective layer is 50μm in thickness, which veritably blocks UV rays out and create a safe environment.
  • Sound insulation
    Twin wall polycarbonate sheets are premier sound-proofing material for highways throughout the world. The capability of sound insulation is determined by hardness, weight and physical structure. For example, twin-wall polycarbonate sheets reduce the sound intensity about 19 db to its maximum extent.
  • Anti-drip
    A special hydrophilic coating on the inner surface spoils the formation of condensation droplets, hence the loss of light transmission will not rise. Commonly, when the outdoor temperature is 0 °C  and the indoor is 23 °C, the surface of multiwall polycarbonate sheet will not create droplets only if the room humidity is below 80%.
  • Aesthetic appearance
    Twin-wall structure adds an aesthetic element to the properties, the public buildings and other places where the sunshine not the UV ray is required.

Product description:

  • Available in thickness of 4, 4.5, 6, 8 and 10 mm;
  • Standard size (width by length): 2100mm × 6000mm;
  • Cut to size polycarbonate sheets are provided.
  • Custom sizes are available for special orders.

Twin-wall polycarbonate sheets are extensively used in buildings such as roofing, domes, skylights, car ports, swimming pool, sunrooms, railway station, greenhouses; sidewalls; warehouse roofing and stadium. All these places require sunlight without harmful UV rays.

Also suitable for illuminated signs and advertising panels.

Product No.

(W/m2 K)
UV side Standard size Light transmission
Width (mm) Length (mm) Clear (%) Blue (%) Green (%)
TWS01 4 6 830 3.98 1 2100 6000 89 67 60 Clear, opal, blue, bronze, red, yellow, bronze, green
TWS02 4.5 6 1000 3.88 1 87 66 59
TWS03 6 6 1200 3.57 1 (2) 85 64 56
TWS04 8 10 1400 3.29 1 (2) 80 60 52
TWS05 10 10 1600 3.05 1 (2) 76 56 50
4mm twin-wall polycarbonate sheet as a cool shade for cars 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate sheet used in a living area as a passage way
Blue twin-wall polycarbonate sheet blocks 60% of sunshine and most UV lays out.
In hot summer, blue twin wall polycarbonate sheets form an attractive and cool passage in a living area providing protection from direct sunlight and UV radiation.
4mm polycarbonate sheet used in a swimming pool 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate sheet used in a greenhouse
Twin-wall polycarbonate sheets have excellence capability of anti-drop, which optimize light transmission while keeping most UV rays out. Green twin-wall polycarbonate sheet used in a greenhouse for its excellent thermal insulation, weatherability and high impact strength against rainstorm and hail.

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