Polycarbonate Sheet Applications in Modern Agriculture

Polycarbonate sheets enjoy outstanding light transmission, high impact strength, UV protection, excellent flame resistance, anti-drop, light weight, unbreakable as well as attractive appearance. It is a thermoplastic polymer, and easily worked, molded and thermoformed. All these properties are urgently required by greenhouse and livestock breeding.

In the past, covering materials of greenhouse are usually glass and polyethylene film. Glass is breakable and can't withstand hail or stones. While polyethylene film should be replaced every two years and cause "white pollution" for it can't be reused again. All the shortcomings can be offset by polycarbonate sheets or multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. They are widely used in greenhouses or animal feeding. The popular polycarbonate sheets are twin-wall, multi-wall and corrugated sheets.

Applications for polycarbonate sheet in agriculture:

  1. Suitable for vegetation production. Sufficient light and anti-drop give the vegetables a sound growing environment.
  2. Available for cowshed, pigsty and hen house. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets optimize the ambient temperature, enhance animal growth and improve economic benefits.
  3. Polycarbonate sheets find a new application of building new socialist countryside. The house built under the polycarbonate shed is very suitable for Northeast and Northwest areas of China, for they can provide protection from arctic and windy weathers.
  4. Ecological parks covered by polycarbonate sheets give a spring feeling in harsh winter.

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