Polycarbonate sheets resist UV rays, maintain sufficient light

Hebei Nuodeer Industrial Co., Ltd. has occupied a leading position in domestic market, and is striving for opening up a new market abroad. Our company has introduced five advanced production lines and use high-quality raw polycarbonate material and UV-resistant material. Our products are mainly focused on solid polycarbonate sheet (polycarbonate panels) and hollow polycarbonate sheet such as multiwall and twin-wall polycarbonate sheet. They can be found in many applications like greenhouses, roofing sheet and sound-insulation barrier.

Polycarbonate sheet is generally replacing glass, toughened glass and polyethylene membrane in many fields such as agriculture, industry, public buildings and ornaments. It is a perfect combination of lightweight, high impact strength, light transmission, frame-resistance, UV protection, anti-drop as well as charming appearance.

Nine different colors of hollow polycarbonate sheets on white background.

Why select polycarbonate sheets?

Ideal replacement to common glass, tempered glass and polyethylene membrane.

50% weights of glass but same transparency with common glasses. Easy to transport and install.

200 times higher impact strength than common glass and 2–20 times of tempered glass.

Special treatment supplies sufficient lights for greenhouse without producing any condensation.

Frosted polycarbonate sheets are covering the space between two building.

Where is polycarbonate sheet used in?

High light transmission needed area – smooth surface polycarbonate sheets.

Comfortable and attractive decoration needed area – embossed & frosted polycarbonate sheets.

Greenhouse & shopping malls – hollow type polycarbonate sheet.

Lighting, skylight & helmets – solid type polycarbonate sheet.

A piece of hollow polycarbonate sheet and a piece of solid sheet on white background.

What is the difference between hollow and solid sheets?

  • Construction
    Solid polycarbonate sheet is single solid layer, while hollow sheet has at least two walls.
  • Thermal insulation
    Hollow polycarbonate or multiwall sheet is superior to solid sheet in thermal insulation for it traps air in its hollow structure as an excellent thermal barrier.
  • Light transmission
    Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is not as good as solid sheet.
  • Weight
    Solid sheet is heavier than hollow sheet.

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